Tips and Tricks: 8 Tips for Getting A Good Price For Diapers

I got this email from first time Mommy Krista and wanted to answer the question here so anyone else could find out what I think is a good deal and chime in.

I am a first time mommy, and I’m wondering what you consider a good deal for diapers? I see that they go up in price as the diaper size gets bigger (I’m telling you – this is new to me!). I’ve tried several different brands and generics and really have no issue w/any of them, so I am open to trying anything. What do you recommend is a good or fair price to pay, per size of diaper? My daughter is fast outgrowing Size 1.

I’ve followed your blog for awhile, and totally believe in the “stock up” philosophy – just want to know your take on when it’s time to buy a pack or 2, and when it’s time to STOCK UP!

1) The first thing to consider for first time Mums is stocking up before baby is even born. Remember the days of two incomes and a little disposable incomes?! So yeah it’s a good idea to be on the lookout already.

2) Sign up with Pampers, Huggies and LUVS online to start getting coupons.

3) With those coupons though remember that generics may be cheaper even without a coupon. When using the coupons make sure there’s a sale to maximize the coupon. The ones you get direct from the company tend to have a far off expiration date.

4) I like to pay under $.15 per diaper but if I can get them cheaper like $.10 then I’m stocking up.

5) When you stock up try to think that kids go through at least a pack per week so if you buy 4 packs you’re only good for a month and seriously who wants to keep shopping for these?!

6) Watch big box store prices and big boxes in general. Quite often they’re not the best deal.

7) If you don’t see a sale and just really need some take a calculator with you and divide the price by the number of diapers. Note the lowest priced package and brand. Maybe if anyone has any comments on this please leave a note below so we don’t all have to do the research!

8) Right now I care a great deal for the Amazon deals on diapers HERE. By using Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save, it’s a great deal. Grab your copy of Parents magazine for better savings.

For more on why I buy generic diapers and which ones I’ve tried, check this out.


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