Time Saver Tip for Menards Rebates

Laura emailed me this fun little tip:
As many of us are, I am a regular shopper at Menards. Here’s a tip I use to make Menards rebates even easier:-
I print out three sheets of labels- one with the Menards rebate address (almost all of them go to PO Box 28), and two with my name and address. When I’m doing a rebate, one name label goes on the rebate card, one goes on the envelope as a return address label, and one Menards address sticker goes right on the envelope. This way all I have to do is write the name of the rebate item on the envelope. The entire process takes about 20 seconds and my new rebate request is in the mail. I love time savers!

Menards rebates are fabuloso indeed. But if you’re still wavering consider this:

2 x laundry detergent
2 x saver bags I needed
4 x paint brushes to donate
Total after rebates? $1.98 plus a little tax.

For those of you who’ve never done Menards rebates before I decided to time how long it took me to do them today! It took me two minutes to write them, grab the envelope and address labels. Then it took me two minutes to copy them and while doing so I managed to change the laundry over. So, 4 minutes to do it to get $37 worth of things for under $2. Pretty good deal me thinks!

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