Those AMAZING Huggies coupons!! May I have yours?

Those coupons that are $3 off Huggies and $5 off coupons (Go here) are gonna come in real handy next week when you can get some super cheap diapers at WAGS. But if you wanna use them on wipes, Target has theirs at $5.99 which would mean $.99 for 184 wipes.

If you were gonna scan over this because you don’t have kids and would like to give me a pick-me-up, I’d love to take any and all spares of those super high value coupons! Email me! Thanks! You can only print 2 per computer and they’re gold dust!!

Those of you Moms who are like me and ready to go, get ready for my WAGS post when I get to it!


  1. Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) says:

    These are a great deal, I used my $5 coupon yesterday at Kroger along with $1.50 shortcuts, my diapers were only $4.19. Great deal for huggies diapers!

  2. Kristie says:

    You can print 2 per computer off but you can print another if you visit Redplum. Making it 3 per computer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have young kids and would gladly give the coupons away but this whole online printing system won’t work with my computer…..I can’t get any of the good coupon deals, it’s very frustrating! CJ

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will they let you use the coupons on wipes???

  5. Yes…I used the $5.00 off coupons for the 216ct natural care wipes at Walgreens and it worked perfectly!

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