This Week’s Shopping Hauls In Pictures

Operation Christmas Child is near and dear to my heart and it’s always good to hear of others doing it on a budget too. Really the only way to do it is shop ahead. This week many stores had Easter clearance for crazy cheap. Here’s some photos of how some of us did:

Total: $59

I filled a cart at Walmart when I saw 90% off! Hauls included eggs filled with candy that will make great toys after, little purses for girls at 20 cents, big pieces of animal sidewalk chalk for 20 cents and stuffed toys for a quarter. I try and do a shoebox for a buck!

Total: Under $8

My friend Jon scored all these bunnies at 90% off at Kmart.

Total: Just under $24

Jon grabbed a bunch of goodies at Big Lots in the clearance including chalk, bunnies and other party favor toys.

Total: Around $8

I heard Kmart had 90% off and hit up a local one on the way back from a friend’s. I’m glad I did as I got more sidewalk chalk, rubber ducks, stickers, bunnies and even a basketful for just $.99. The basket has a purse, hat and tiara plus candy which I plan on breaking down.

Sabrina has been scouting out deals all week for us and hit the jackpot at a Dollar General where she found jewelry for a penny! Any clearanced jewelry with the letter “B” in the corner was just 1 cent. I looked at my local one but was unsuccessful.

Nice going guys! Anyone else do good? email me!

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