This week’s crazy savings

I never have time to post piccies but this week I’m gonna to show you guys my crazy deals! Thanks to all of you for the Huggies coupons, we don’t need to buy wipes for a while!

Jewel – $5
35 bags of cheese (yay gonna give some to a food pantry or something!)

Walgreens – $21
6 x diapers
6 x Sambucol
Axe shampoo
Corn Nuts
4 x sensenspray
4 x Glade oil warmer
2 x Fructis shampoo

Sunday total: $26

Jewel – $7
6 x Huggies bodywash/lotion
7 x cheese
6 x wipes

Walgreens – out of pocket – $11, got back $10
2 x Huggies diapers
1 x wipes
1 x Sambucol

Target – $10
2 x Mott’s applesauce
1 sippy cup
6 x Buddies
4 x Goldfish
6 x gilette bodywash
6 x wipes

Friday total: $18


  1. Can I ask you what coupons you are using for the wipes? My $5 and $3 huggies coupons specify gentle care diaper products and natural fit diaper products…so I didn’t think I could use them for wipes?

  2. Kim, I used the original batch of coupons from that said on huggies products. Not the diaper part. Those i used for diapers. HTH!

  3. The Merrillville Target didn’t have Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers for $1 or the Gilette body wash for $2.

  4. This was my first catalina and oh my gosh I thought I was doing it wrong. The kraft shredded cheese was not marked as part of the deal, only the slice deli style so I was thinking I am buying the wrong stuff. But I grabbed 7 bags of mozzarella and cheddar and checked out and it spit out two coupons. $10 and $3. The checker was like wow! I felt like I’d committed highway robbery. Now I wish I’d bought more (I did freeze it all).

  5. saverchic says:

    WOW!!! That’s amazing!!

  6. Thanks, thanks and THANKS…you are the best!!! 🙂

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