This week’s crazy savings

Oh how I love to save and sometimes I wanna take piccies and show ya’ll how worth it is. My friend, Lori, used to save money by shopping at ALDI. Now she really believes like I do, “there’s a difference in living and living well.” When you can get your toiletries for free, it frees up money to do other things. I don’t shop every week but this week was a good one and I wanted some freebies so here’s what I did:

First Stop: CVS
2 Excedrin
2 Natural Dentist
2 Easter baskets
Total: $38.
Coupons: $8
Paid $30 with ECBs so very little Out of Pocket
Received $24 in ECBs, will get back $20 from MIRs
PROFIT: $14!!

Next stop: Menards
1 Lawn/weed killer
1 Rain x wipes
2 tape measures
Duct tape
Total: $18
Used $.40 coupon for Palmolive
Paid in Menards money so very little OOP
Will receive most of the money back. Final total? $1.86
Final Stop: WAGS
4 Colgates
4 Chapsticks
3 Edge (not pictured)
Total: $0!!! A little tax was involved but not much

Please Note: Every week I post the CVS, WAGS, and Meijer matchups by Thursday so come back weekly for a sneaky peek! Did you hear the insider scoop I got this week??? Read it here. Next week’s WAGS deals 4/12 are here, CVS are here.

Don’t forget: Tomorrow is the last day to enter The Green and Frugal Contest here.

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