This Was Me Nearly All Week

Yeah I’m serious.  I’ve had flu since Tuesday night and now it looks like my boys may be coming down with it.  Please bear with me as we get through the sickies.  I need to be better for when Grandad and Grandma come in town from England next week and I’m now wayyyyyyyyyyy better on Christmas wrapping etc. Yack-o!


  1. Awwww – I hope you feel better soon Clair! I know how busy this time of year is and it's almost impossible to get through when you aren't feeling well.

  2. Brian, Tammy, Kaylin, Isabella, Matthew and Mason says:

    thought i would share a product with you that might help you guys! i know you obviously shop at walgreens and i know they carry it there. it's called sambucol – they are homeopathic tablets that dissolve in your mouth. my kids started getting sniffles/coughs/feeling "chilly", i started them on it right away and within 2 days they are 100% better! i am not trying to "promote" any specific product, just thought you might be interested! hope you guys all feel better soon!

  3. Thanks Tammy! I'm actually looking at some right now on my entertainment center. We opted for Robitussin instead but am now rethinking that as we're not getting better and I'd MUCH rather take healthy stuff!! I also LOVE LOVE Airborne!

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