Thinking Outside The Box Budget Tips: Saving on Birthday Gifts

You know the scoop: your kiddo gets invited to a birthday party and as we’re all busy you leave it until 2 days before to run out for a gift only to spend more than you had in mind. Well, what if you already had gifts lying around for such occasions? Things that are perfect for friend birthdays.

If you’re like me you like to buy a specific gift for a niece or nephew that they asked for and will spend more on it but for a birthday party it’s nice to be able to give something that cost a little less say in the Target summer clearance section or after-holiday deals. Think ahead and plan it out and you’ll save big time.

Another thing I do is look for favors and items for Isaac’s birthday party ahead of time. The above toys were 90% off last summer and will be used as favors for his birthday party this February. Sure it involves some storage but it saves me a fortune!

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