There’s A World Outside Those Nursery Walls!

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I LOVE current affairs! For those of you with kids you’ll know that keeping up with current events is tough to do in and amongst the diaper changings, feedings and busyness of every day life.

For years I was a Newsweek subscriber and loved spending an hour or more a week pouring over the news and digesting the contents. Then along came Isaac and I cancelled the subscription after weeks went by and I wasn’t even opening the cover. I mourned the loss of an old friend and information. Until Chase arrived a few months ago and I decided I was simply going to make time for keeping up. I re-ordered the magazine and now have been known to hide out in the bathroom for half and hour just catching up on important current events that connect me to the world around me and remind me that it’s not all just about me, there’s a world outside the nursery walls and endless loads of laundry.

I just discovered the collection which is an app for your iPad that is dedicated to current events and each time features a current topic, exploring the whole story through using of video, audio, text, and more. The first was all about The Royal Wedding and this one is about The Global baby which follows the interesting story of a surrogate couple and their trials and tribulations.

If you’ve got an iPad and love keeping up on current events, check out this new app and lemme know what you think. This is high technology stuff and as the world around us becomes that much smaller as the days go by, cool new apps like this are a lot of fun to check out!

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