The "Sick Free" Freebies Edition

 Well it’s been a week.  A week of sickies, yuckiness, movies on the couch and Powerade and soup.  Yeah lemme tell ya, it’s been a blast and couldn’t have come with better timing!  one week before Christmas and before my parents arrive my body packs in.  Perfect timing.  Alas, the sarcasm.  I’m back but am now playing catch up with life, presents, cookies and cleaning.  Things around here are gonna be spotty but then I figure you’re pretty busy too, right?!!!  Here’s some freebies to get you back into things!

  • Friend International Delight on Facebook here and get a coupon for a free pint of creamer!
  • Free mystery gift from Orient Watches here 
  • Free insulated travel mug here 
  • Free “mommy to be” wristband here 
  • Free sample of Mariana Dried Plums here when you enter code Superfruit
  • Free ring sizer here 
  • Free Halo dog treats here 
  • Free dog shampoo here

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