The "No Potty Talk Allowed" Giveaway!

This week I’ve got a couple of great new products to introduce you to and some giveaways. As we haven’t had any for a couple of weeks this week I’m starting 2!! Yuppers! And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough, wait til you see what next week brings. I’m super excited!

Probiotics are a new health buzzword, and can be a drug-free method of helping to manage children’s intestinal issues. However, it’s important to do your homework. Because probiotics are supplements and therefore not subject to government regulation, it’s important to look for a probiotic that has sound scientific testing behind it, and that is appropriate for your child’s issues.

Dr. James Sears, board-certified pediatrician, author and co-host of the CBS-TV show “The Doctors,” has recommended Florastor Kids to patients for years, first of all because he’s seen its efficacy in pediatric diarrhea, and because it’s backed by scientific studies.

Florastor® Kids is a clinically-tested, natural, yeast-based probiotic that aids in the growth of good microbiota in the intestines, while destroying and removing pathogenic (bad or disease-causing) microbiota to help maintain or restore optimal intestinal health.

Unique because it can be safely given to babies and children from the age of two months, Florastor® Kids is a great-tasting powder that can be dissolved in beverages, including infant formula, or soft foods, such as applesauce.

MomSelect sent me some to try and so Isaac and I decided to check it out to see if it passed the “can it be hidden in food and therefore consumed by anyone” test and it passed. I buried mine on top of cottage cheese and put his in something he was eating and neither of us could tell the difference but it was working, giving us ammunition against the yuckies!!

I’ve got some of these to give out. The kind folks at Florastor have given me one extra package for a lucky reader who will win:
2 Florastor® Kids product samples – a box of 20 powder packets (retail price $21.95)
1 Florastor® Kids plush toy/book set
Florastor Kids Fact Sheet

To enter all you’ve got to do is leave a comment. That’s it. In fact, the less “potty talk” the better as my prude Englishness doesn’t handle it well!!! LOLOLOLOL!

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