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A few of you have asked and I really don’t have much scoop. Last week the people at TND left a comment that the rebate was done. I noticed that you could no longer print the form. I think that those of us who sent them already will be fine, I hope that those of you who are gonna send it will still get it. Sorry I can’t give definitive answers, all I got was a comment on the blog.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for any confusion on the Healthy Mouth Challenge featured on our website. You're correct that the enrollment phase of our Rebate Program has ended (rebates will still be processed through May 31, 2009).

    You can visit this page for more information:

    For those of you who purchased the products but did not have a chance to download the rebate form, please contact me directly at

    The Natural Dentist

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