The Most Common Household Cleaners

Photo Courtesy of Muffett.

Sometimes over the counter cleaners are either too expensive, or you may be afraid to clean your hardwood flooring with something bought from your grocery store’s cleaning aisle. The good news is that there are many common homemade cleaners available to you. Some of the most common are listed here:

White vinegar

White vinegar is a great readily available resource that is not only cheap, but does a very efficient job of cutting grease and tough dirt. Mix a cup of vinegar with one cup of water and you’re ready to go.


Citrus is actually an active cleaning agent in many store bought as well as professional grade cleaners. It can be found in carpet cleaning solutions and even dish soaps. Combining unsweetened lemon juice with olive oil is a great way to polish your hardwood flooring or other wood furniture. Olive oil is natural and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can permanently damage your treasured wooden furniture of floor. Try a quarter cup of lemon oil combined with a full cup of olive oil, and polish away.

These cleaning solutions are cheap and easy to make, and actually work on products other than wood, such as counter tops. Remember to test out your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous part of the surface to ensure it will not damage your surface.

Guest author Drew James is a home improvement pro, constant DIY-er, and enjoys amateur photography when he’s not working on a handful of renovation projects.  For more cleaning ideas check out Clair’s post: 7 Frugal Homemade Cleaners.

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