The Hunger Games Cupcakes

The Hunger Games was released worldwide on March 23, 2012 and is already poised to be the next phenomenon behind the Twilight series. In honor of the movie premier I whipped up some ‘girl on fire” cupcakes for you to enjoy.


  • Simple cake mix
  • Orange and yellow icing/frosting
  • Pipe bag (or sandwich ziploc will do)
  • Star tip


  1. Simply take a cake box mix and make according to instructions. (I love to decorate, and making a cake from scratch isn’t always my first priority!)
  2. After they’re made and cooled grab your icing.
  3. Add it to the bag in layers of orange, yellow, orange.
  4. Pipe it onto the cupcakes around the outside. The “fire pattern” will start to develop.
  5. For the ones in the middle I pressed down and then pulled it high to make it look like flames.
  6. The easiest part is picking your “team” and making two that say who you support.
  7. Voila, The Hunger Games “girl on fire” cupcakes.

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