The "End of Cabin Fever" Giveaway

This weekend the weather here in Chicagoland lept above the freezing mark and may have actually hit 50 degrees. We went to the St Patrick’s Day Parade and saw people. in. shorts. It’s 50 out not 80 but I know what the problem was – these were not true Chicagoans. Kinda like at O’Hare when in the dead of winter I picked my parents up for Christmas. They were kitted out in big warm coats as others on their plane came off in shorts. Shorts. I wanted to scream, “Just because it’s America, it’s not always warm!” You see I think us Brits think that the States is like the tropics! Now I live here I realise that Chicago can get as cold as well, Iceland!
Although I didn’t drag out my flip flops and paint my winterised toenails (read: haven’t seen nail polish in months!), I did get pretty giddy about the onset of Spring, of playing outside and of an end to cabin fever. Yup, last year I was the one who loved the snow and January and this year with a baby, not so much! So in honour of the end of cabin fever I’ve got two awesome giveaways this week that should get you thinking spring too!

The first is for something near and dear to me: shoes! Remember the incredibly amazing shoes from See Kai Run that Isaac got a few months ago? Well, they contacted me again and asked if I’d like to try their sping line? Hold on, would I like to try some shoes from your amazing line of kids shoes? Ermmmmm, let me think!! So, sure enough these ones arrived in the mail and boy was I impressed. They’re from the Smaller line but are just as comfortable and still smell great! If you didn’t read last time’s review, they’re soft leather shoes that are perfect for new walkers. Now my little man is walking so we put them on last night and let him roam in the garden. He was all over the place. The great thing about them is they’re easy to put on with the velcro but they look super cute. I love how they’re soft and good for his little toesies which is really important to me for his feet. But although they’re good for him to wear you’d never know it as they’re so STINKIN CUTE! I chose the Ainsley ones from the Smaller Line. Aren’t they adorable?

Right now if you pop over to their site you can get FREE shipping on your order over $60. Plus they’ve got a few shoes on clearance right now!! They’ve got a bunch of new shoes for Spring and the girls ones are just as adorable. In fact this pair made me wanna have a girl one day! One day people!!!

So, what are you gonna win? Well the awesome folks at See Kai Run are gonna give one of my readers the chance to win your choice of shoes from their Smaller or See Kai Run range. (Sorry, guys, it’s only open to US and Canadian addresses) All you’ve got to do is:
Go to their site here and tell me which shoes you’d love to own by leaving a comment below.
Want more ways to win?
1) Write about it on your blog and then let me know you did it.
2) Subscribe to Mummy Deals. All new subscriptions (dated 3/16/09 onwards) will get one more entry
3) Follow me.

Contest closes on Sunday March 22nd at midnight and the winner will be picked and announced on Monday March 23rd. Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you!

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