The Day I Fell In Love With Online Shopping

I’ve always been a B&M (bricks and mortar) kinda gal. As I really enjoy shopping, going to a store is actually fun for me as apposed to a chore. I’ve ordered things on and off through Amazon but have never checked out another online store until this Black Friday. You see for those non-Black Friday people who hate the lines and the pushing; I agree! Unless I’m going for a tv (doubtful!) I refuse to stand in line and shove for an item I want to save money. I’m just too much of a lady (LOL) but this year we wanted a Wii. I did my research and found they had it at Meijer for $199 with a $50 catalina back. Now we all know that the catalina would expire after 2 weeks but….what if I bought it at Well we’d get a $50 gift card back with no expiration date.

So, I went to to trial it out for you guys to prove it’s ease (and to make money on my purchase!) If you’ve never shopped online through them, you really should. Here’s how I did it:

  • Went to here.
  • Immediately they’ll add a $5 credit to your account for signing up through me. As you only need $20 to “cash out” you’re well on your way.
  • Search for ‘Meijer’
  • Once there I knew they were going to give me 5% of my purchase back
  • Then I was redirected to the Meijer site
A few days later I was told that not only did I only pay $149.99 for the Wii but was giving me close to $6 for buying it. So we paid $143.99! Very nice ;>) acts as a mall door if you will to online shopping but unlike the mall who only offers you warmth on a cold day, they offer you the ability to not only shop in pjs but earn money while doing it. Instead of the commissions going back to them it goes to you. Double noice!

The busier we get, the more that online shopping is becoming something to fall in love with. Take one of my new fave stores for example, . Not only do they give you great deals on toiletries but if you put 6 items or more in your cart they ship it to you for free!

It’s for this reason that you’re gonna see more online deals around here. I can’t tell you the amount of times recently that someone has asked for an online code to xxxx store or a hot deal on a certain toy.

Sure I still enjoy wandering the stores or going to Target in person but I’m starting to love online coupons and cash back on purchases as well!


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