How to Make Kool Aid Easter Eggs

Koolaid Easter Eggs

So you want to make Kool Aid Easter Eggs? I don’t blame you as this is both frugal and easy and your kids can help. The other great thing about these Kool Aid Easter Egg dye is that you can use it year-round. Call me crazy but we love dying Easter eggs during the winter too when we’re inside wayyyyyyyyy too much. It’s a great kid craft and ours came out so fun and colorful!

Kool Aid Easter Eggs Directions

Koolaid Easter Eggs

1) Boil some eggs and then let them sit to cool
2) Gather different colored Kool Aid packets. Stronger colors worked better {Yellow wasn’t great}

Koolaid Easter Eggs

3) Cover your table with newspaper. Although it comes out easily, Kool Aid can stain!
4) Mix the packet of Kool Aid with some lukewarm water in a plastic cup. We had some left from an Easter Egg kit that I keep and wash out.  NO need for vinegar!
5) Get your kids to stir them.
6) Dip the eggs in and leave in for a while before pulling out and placing somewhere to dry. I like to store back in an egg carton.
7) Ta-da Kool Aid Easter eggs that we placed back in the fridge and my kids love to snack on throughout the day. Isaac (5) is hungry almost hourly and I like to give him protein and filling stuff so as well as three meals a day he eats good snacks like these eggs. Bonus: they’re fun colors so he loves getting them himself!

Koolaid Easter Eggs


  1. Cute! Will definitely want to try this with my niece! :)

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