The Cheapest Place To Buy A Modest Bathing Suit


I’m a Mum and let’s face it girls but some stuff shouldn’t be left to hang out after you’ve had kids. Heading into the stores this bathing suit season though was crazy.

It’s bad enough that I needed a suit as who really enjoys looking at themselves in a full length mirror wishing bits didn’t wobble or jiggle? Yup, not THIS girl! But it wasn’t just that. It was the fact that nowhere seemed to have one cute, modest and inexpensive. One that hid bits but did it discreetly. One that looked more like a tankini for Hip Mums than a commercial for a Brazilian wax.

And I looked. And looked. And while I can’t quite believe it either ya know what I found????

Walmart has BOAT loads of them. BOAT loads.

Big ones, small ones, ones to reallllllllllly cover you, skirts even and more and all for really reasonable.

I know, I know I was shocked too but I grabbed the one in the photo (That makes me look like I’ve shrunk a little) for just $11.96! I was going to buy the matching short/skirt combo but ran out of time.

I know this is a crazy post on the blog but I am all about frugal living for Moms and thought this may help someone else. If you’d like to know if they last, my last bathing suit tankini was from there too. It has pads in the chest and I even wear it around outside while gardening.


  1. amy maples says:

    cute, clair!

  2. I love the color! I always have problems finding bathing suits that make me feel comfortable. I will have to check out Walmart. Thank you!

  3. I got my bathing suit in the spring open house at Sam’s Club. It was under $30 for both top and skirt. It was very modest too. But I think I will give Wal-Mart a try and pick up an extra top. Never thought about wearing it around while gardening! Thanks for sharing!

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