The Benefits of Homeschooling – Roadschooling

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Benefits of Homeschooling

The benefits of homeschooling are vast and wide but here’s one of my faves! If you’re a homeschooling family I’d love to hear your fave reasons.

4 years ago I started off on one of the scariest rides of my life but have already seen the benefits of homeschooling again and again. One of our fave benefits though has to be the roadschooling we’ve been doing this year.

Back in December 2016 Tim quit his job to come home full time (insane story of God’s grace and blessing right here) and since then we’ve been on a 6 week trip to Florida, a cruise to Hondurus and Belize (that we got FO FREE from Young Living!), roadtripped for 3 weeks to Utah and Colorado and now we’re back at it on a 16 State Tour.

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Tim and I love to travel (we spent 3 years in Thailand as missionaries) and so at the beginning of this year we plotted out a trip around some States. Then we tucked it away and didn’t think much about it until we realized again the benefits of homeschooling: we could TOTALLY do it. So we did ….and we are! I LOVE our portable office!

The trip will take us through North and South Carolina and then on down to Disney where we get to spend a week with my inlaws and nieces for a fun family vacation. Then onto the beach for some R&R (after Disney we’re gonna need it right?!)

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