The AMAZING diaper deal at Jewel

As I’ve had a couple of questions about the diaper deal at Jewel that I posted here I wanted to clarify.

First, it ends today. Well, sorta! Here’s what ya do:

  • Buy 3 packs of Pampers jumbo packs (size 4 had 34 in bag) for $10/each = $30. If you have coupons, use them!
  • Get back $15 in catalina receipts. That’s the little machine next to register that spits out coupons.. They will be in $5 increments. This deal ends 1/31/09
  • Get back $5 in baby catalinas which ends today.
  • So you paid $30, but got back $20.

“But, Clair, now I have $20 to spend at Jewel and I don’t shop there. Plus the catalinas expire soon!”

No probs! Either:
1) Do the diaper deal again. Spend another $10 out of pocket and get back $20. (that you then have to spend at Jewel again!!!)
2) Find $20 worth of stuff you need that day. Then you don’t have to go back. Milk is $1.99. They have some other good deals too this week.

Because of the questions( and I need diapers!) I went and did the deal myself. I filled my cart with 6 packs of diapers and some groceries we needed. I went in the self checkout lane to respect others while I did 3 transactions – 1 lot of diapers, second lot, actual groceries. I spent $40 out of pocket but got 6 packs of diapers and a bunch of stuff we needed.

Hope that helps!


  1. thanks for the info!!! I now have 6 packs of diapers and no kids in diapers-hehe. I guess I know what I’ll be passing out next 🙂

  2. DESJ and Company says:

    They’ve extended the deal until the 14th. ANd DID YOU KNOW (yes,I’m yelling!) that the $30 is on the original before sale price? I did not. SO my first 2 transactions, while good, were not great. But then found this out this morning, and went back and got
    4 charmin (2 per transaction)
    7 honey nut cheerios

    so I did 3 transactions and ended up profiting $3. I spent $41 oop and still have $20 in cats left!

  3. DESJ and Company says:

    Hey there…
    here’s how I did it-and I went back on the way home from work and made $20 and I’m going back again tonight to make $20 more.

    OK so if you buy 7 boxes of regular or honey nut cheerios, you’ll hit the $30 to get the $15 back. Then use coupons for all of them-either smartsource, (sign up for the cheerios challenge), or the catalina machine is also spitting out $1.50/3 coupons-which is also good. With all the coupons, your total should be like $10.XX. Use 2 cats from a previous purchase. You’ll owe some change. The machine will spit out $15 in cats. and probable more 1.50/3 cereal cats.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    One checkout gal was nice and the other was mean. I use self checkout-luckily the mean lady left and the nice ladt took over and pushed it all through-the mean lady was saying I had too many coupons.

    And the awesome news I just heard was that you can do multiple transactions and get back more – I did 4 transactions of 7 boxes each (donating it all to a food pantry- I have like 30 boxes from the Doms deal a few weeks back-I don’t need over 100 boxes in my house!)to get back the $5 each time-but I’m going to go back and do 2 14 piece transactions.

    Did this make any sense?

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