The 411 On Jewel Catalinas

As there’s another Jewel deal currently running and there’s lots of you wondering how it works I decided to post this 411 that I’ve been procrastinating on for a long time. Over the past year I’ve managed to get FREE ice cream, FREE pasta sauce, FREE cheese and other FAB deals at Jewel and here’s how it works.

1) Spend a Certain Amount, Get Money Back Catalinas

This is the most complicated but also the one where you get the most for FREE so we’re gonna start out with it. One thing to note: If I see a FAB deal at Jewel I’ll alert you so even if you don’t completely get the hang of this if you watch Mummy Deals weekly I’ll help guide you.

A while back when you spent $30 on certain products you got back $15 in catalinas (that’s the little machine next to the cash register that spits out coupons.)
The great thing with Jewel and the reason this works so nicely is that it goes off of sale prices so you need to spend $30 in sale prices but then when you use your preferred card, that price will be less and you’ll still get $15 back!!

There are 3 types of pricing at Jewel: Shelf, Sale, Preferred.
Shelf: Price marked on shelf
Sale: Scan item at register and see what is the sale price today
Preferred: After you scan your preferred card you’ll save even more.

What you’re looking for is the most difference in pricing. For example: Breyer’s Ice Cream is on sale at $6.99. if you had to spend $30 to get money back you’d only need to buy 5 to get you beyond $30. But, let’s say that although that’s sale price, preferred price is $2.99. My math is bad but the difference between $6.99 and $2.99 is a whopping $4 and this is what will save you the most.

So, you buy 5 of them and it rings as $34.95 and then you scan your preferred card. This “should” work even if you scan your card first but as it doesn’t always I try and scan products first then card just to check I made it to the mark I need to hit which in this case is $30.
I hit $30 so now 2 things happen:
1) It takes off money for preferred prices. In this case it’s $2.99 so instead of paying $34.95, I will pay $14.95
2) It will spit me out a catalina for $15 off my next order.

Yup, that’s right: Pay $14.95, get $15 back!!

Couple of Notables:

1) Coupons. You can use coupons and the deal is on pre-coupon price so although in the above instance I made $.05 if I had coupons I could’ve made more.
2) Stacking: These deals will not stack (Kinda like Walgreens RR deals!) so if you buy $60 worth of product expecting to get back $30, you won’t.
3) Rolling. The good news is that (unlike Walgreens RR deals) these will roll. So buy 5 x Breyers get the $15 back and spend it on more Breyers. If you’re gonna roll they’re now limiting the amounts you can do and although there’s currently some discrepancy it’s between 2-3 times/day. Also, please consider others when rolling. Not everyone shopping is couponing and you don’t wanna be known as that annoying couponer! Try and fly under the radar!

2) Buy a Certain Amount, Get Money Back Catalinas
This is the simplest form of Jewel catalinas as there’s no confusion. You simply buy a certain amount of products and get money back.
You can absolutely use coupons for further savings.


  • Advertised: Buy 3 boxes of Kleenex get $2 back. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for the Kleenex, you have to buy 3 boxes to get the $2 catalina.
  • Say you have 3 x $1 off coupons, then buy 3 boxes, use 3 coupons and still get $2 back.
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
3) “Money Off Instantly” Catalinas
  • You’ll see advertised: Spend $10 get $3 off instantly.
  • These are based on preferred card prices meaning that you have to spend at least $10 on preferred prices.
  • This is before coupons so you hit the $10 mark but then add some coupons in if you have them for better savings.
  • Instant deals do stack so if it’s $3/$10, then you could do triple the transactions and you’d get $9/$30.
  • Kleenex tissues are 5/$5 preferred price and they advertise spend $5, get $1 back
  • You have a Kleenex coupon for $1 off
  • So you spend $4 out of pocket and get $1 back
  • Final Price: 5/$3
The Catalinas Didn’t Print

Many of us have been doing these Jewel deals for months and have run into some fabulous Jewel employees who are easy to work with. Some of the Jewel cashiers and even customer service people do not know/believe this is the way the deals work as it’s not listed in the advertising. I want to make it clear that we’re absolutely doing nothing wrong here and this is all legitimate but because it’s unadvertised you may run the risk of not getting the catalinas back. This stinks but screaming at the awesome Jewel employees ain’t gonna help. You can either ask to get it re-rung, take a loss or just return it. Here’s some other things to check:

1) The catalina machine is simply not working. To ensure it is check that the green light is solid not flashing

2) You’re not spending $30 to get the money back. To ensure that you do I recommend going and scanning all your items before using your Jewel card to ensure you get up to $30. Take a couple of extra items with you just in case like I did then if it’s only $28 you don’t panic but add another item. Then scan your card so that the price is lowered to the preferred price.

3) Jewel cashiers are now saying this deal only works twice a day per preferred card. I’d never heard of that but that could explain it if you’re trying to do it a bunch.

4) Finally,you may not have bought the correct item. You have to buy exactly as listed.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi- Just returned from the Jewel- bought 10 of the "chill items" and did not get my coupon. I went to customer service-we returned everything and re-scanned. Still did not work. Tryed again-double checked all items etc. still did not work. Gave up. Said they would call me if they figure it out. Anyone have any ideas? Wasted alot of time for 10.00 UGH

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