The 12 Months of Operation Christmas Child

I’ve done some silly things for this blog but perhaps dressing up as a shoebox takes the cake! Still, ya’ll get the idea! My friend Jess volunteered to sing this little ditty for me as trust me, you wouldn’t wanna hear me do it but we’ve called it The 12 Months of Occ’ing. I love shopping year round for Operation Christmas Child and proved in 2009 that by thinking ahead you can do way more (we packed 45 boxes for $45.)

Last year at the end of our packing party another friend exclaimed, “This makes me realize I should really start planning ahead for next year already!” I cracked up as I feel like I harp on about OCC all the time. Clearly not so here’s my video on why you should shop ahead and get ready for OCC 2011!

Are you a church group or a volunteer coordinator? Need more ideas on how to budget for OCC this year? Please email me, I’d love to help!

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