That Goody’s coupon!

There’s a Goody’s coupon out there right now for $2 off and as one reader couldn’t get her Walmart to take it, I thought I’d see where else it can be used. It’s for $2 off any Goody’s Ouchless product and expires 12/31/08.

Target – Their ponytail holders are $2.19 so after coupon it’d be $.19 + tax

Walgreens – They have their Goody’s Ouchless brushes for $4.99. Use the coupon and then use the one from their EasySaver Catalogue to save another $2. I got a brush for $.99. Time to switch brushes me thinks!!!!!!!!

If anyone finds any other ways, lemme know!


  1. I used 16 in one transaction at my Walmart with no trouble. Walmart has items for $2.12 just make sure the item you buy is over $2.00 cause other wise it won’t work, it says that on the coupon and one of my items from target was cleranced and rang up for under $2.00 and the coupon didn’t take

  2. I used it at Publix to purchase a BreastCancer Goody’s ouchless brush that was on clearance for $4 so I got it for $2. Tried to do the Wags deal but mine was sold out. 🙁

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