"That" $10 Sears Coupon UPDATE

Many of you reported not being able to print it/use it. It seemed like some could and some couldn’t. Of course it’s not across the board! Anyhoo, I’ve been told that it’s now only an online thing but if you order it shipped to the store you don’t pay shipping. I have a Thai friend in town right now and haven’t yet tried it so please leave a comment if you do. I found it here at 10am on Thurs am.

Check this out! Under clothing: Juniors at sears.com there’s a $10 off coupon. No minimum purchase, no limits per customer just per transaction. How many trips to Sears you gonna make between now and 11/14/09. Print quick! Only valid for jrs clothes. Thanks Lisa D for heads up!


  1. When I click over to JCP.com – all I see is a 15% off…. no $10 – am I at the right place?

    dbhowellfamily at gmail dot com

  2. I printed 3 of them yesterday(and saved to my computer) and went into the store. They are having a HUGE clearence sale and I was able to get 3 Hanes underwear, 1 dress(for an upcoming wedding) 1 dressy shirt and 2 everyday casual shirts for a total of $4.76!!!!

  3. this might be a coupon to fight for. If you read the 2nd to last sentence, the coupon says, "Sales associate: If unable to scan manually enter the coupon number." the only time you deal with a sales associate and they have to scan, is when you are in a store. Has anyone called corporate?

  4. I am planning to call corporate on Monday. I went in to use the coupon tonight and was told that the coupon came from an outside source. The cashier even had a printed notice from management not to accept the coupon. Bummer, but I'm not giving up yet.

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