Teaching Your Kids How to Go Green

Today’s Earth Day tips are all about how to teach your kids to live green lives:

Reduce electricity
Explain to your children that lights, computers, televisions and furnaces use energy, and that energy is in short supply. At night ask them to help you unplug all non-essential appliances and you could use it like a game.

Conserve Water
Encourage them to turn off the tap when they brush their teeth or cut down on their showers.

Use Public Transportation
Kids love trying new things so why not make a day of using public transportation to get somewhere or take them on a bike ride to show them that we don’t always need a car and that we need to watch our gas consumption.

Involve kids in the process by explaining why we recycle and how to do it. One great place to put a recycle bin is the bathroom where usually toilet rolls and other boxes just end up in the regular garbage.

Line Dry
In England I remember always helping my Mum hang the clothes out to dry. Kids are super helpful when given a “special task” like line drying as apposed to tumble drying.

Field Trips
Take them to the local landfill (stink-o!) to explain what happens to all our garbage and how they can help not add to it. Take them to clean up litter in your neighbourhood.

There’s a bunch of Earth Day crafts you can use here.

Tomorrow, How we Became a Washcloth Family.

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