Tax-Deduction Cleanse

My friend, Lisa D, sent me this and I thought it was a great idea as a blog post. Part of the way we can save money is by simplifying our lives and this really helps. Coming soon… friend, Sam, is going to write a post on how to simplify. For now, here are Lisa’s thoughts:

“Annually we do a “tax-deduction” cleanse. We go through our closets, basement and garage looking for things to donate to the Salvation Army. Normally I drop off the things at the local depot but they will also pick-up.

Our kids stuff gets handed down, so that is out of the cleanse for now but I go through our books, cd’s and dvd’s. The ones I will part with go to the local Public library. It’s a double bonus: 1) I get the tax-deduction. 2) Anytime I want to re-read, re-load or re-watch them I just simply check them out!!!
I do this all early November because once mid-Nov comes it seems like time runs out to hit the pre-end of year to make that years taxes.”

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