Target has Easter Items Clearanced for 90% off!

I went on a little Mummy-cation this weekend with Hubs. Thanks to my great in-laws and amazing “adopted” sister, we were able to get away for my birthday. Anyway, while away I got to indulge in a fave sport of mine: endcapping at Target! I spotted Easter stuff for 90% off so scoured it for Operation Christmas Child goodies, gifts for anyone in the near future that didn’t look too Eastery and still came home with a bunch of candy for Hubs. Major brownie points from him as he loooooooooooooooooooves chocolate.
The total ( I know you’re asking!): $8 including tax. In case you’re wondering further my receipt says I saved $89. Furthermore, I didn’t clear the shelves! I even got Isaac 3 Easter egg decorating kits for $.09 each thinking that we could use those as fun crafts throughout the year. Yup, I’m nothing if not creative!!!!!!

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