Take the Quiz!

My story here about the newest Mommy addiction got me and a lot of my friends thinking about our online addictions and had a lot of people telling me they felt they were addicted to Facebook. So I wanted to do a little follow-up and show you the quiz that was in the magazine:

1) Do you check email before doing other important tasks like playing with/caring for your baby?
2) Are you constantly forming new relationships online?
3) Are you less productive at work or neglecting household tasks?
4) Do you stay online longer than you intended?
5) Are you losing sleep due to staying online late at night?
6) Do you crave computer time?
7) Do you choose online instead of time with your partner?

There’s a place – www.netadditction.com that’s been set up but I have an idea that may help some of you (and me!). My friend, Lori, sets an egg timer alarm when she goes online. As soon as that annoying ring goes off after 1/2 an hour she gets offline and gets productive. I thought that was a really cool way to curb time online. What tricks have you found that help?

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