Swapping Books is Thrifty and Green: PaperBack Swap

PaperBack swap is a really thrifty way to swap books you have but don’t want for books you do want. It’s not a person to person swap , but it goes through the website here.  Don’t let their name fool you though, Paperback Swap now has audio books as well!

Thanks to Ellen for this article.Swapping on PaperBack Swap is simple and you will be on your way to finding new books with the simple steps below. 

First you join, then you list the books you want to give.
They have an easy to use system that goes by the ISBN number of the book which is usually found inside or on the back of the book. That way you know you are getting the book you want.

When you have listed your first ten books, you get a credit to order your first two books free.

Then when people order your books, you pay to mail them out. When the recipient logs the book as received you get a book credit so you can order another book. When you order books from others, the sender pays to mail the books you ordered. Then you mark it received and they get a book credit.

No money changes hands, only the books do. They also have an easy to use system for printing postage from your computer. For that you would need to purchase PBS Money and use it to pay for your postage.

I have gotten countless books this way for just the price of mailing out a book I don’t want. They don’t always have the just released books, but if you do a search and they don’t have it then you can put it on your wish list and then they will email you when you’re first in line for that book.

That’s it. It’s simple, cheap, and good for the environment. Sign up here.

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