Surplus Ideas: Surprise Gift Boxes

I just got this email and really was touched. If you don’t know me by now my intention is not to hoard what I get but to give it away. I’ve got lots of ideas for doing that and here’s one:

Your website has inspired me to save if not only to be able to give and share with others, especially the elderly who are on very low income and lots of friends who are out of work and wouldn’t ask for help and would go without otherwise, we have just made up gift boxes and leave it on their doorstep early in the morning so they don’t have to feel quilty about “paying someone back” or feeling like charity cases, this way they just get a nice little present and can spend what little they have on other items they need! You are truly an inspiration in a very difficult time and I hope this isn’t too long, I really just want to help pass on anything that might help.


  1. What a great idea!!! Clair, your site has inspired me in many similair ways!!! Thanks for encouraging others to have as giving of a spirit as you have!!!

  2. Coupon Callie says:

    I love this!! This is what my family is doing, too. We have never been really well off financially and we’ve never been able to do for others, but now that we’re getting so many free things, we’re able to help out a lot of people at church. It is SUCH a tremendous blessing to finally be able to help others out when they’ve helped us for so long. Thanks for everything you post on your blog- I REALLY enjoy reading it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for thinking about us elderly. We appreciate it so
    very much. God Bless You!
    Jo Ann

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