Support our Troops this Christmas

Lonely… tired… half a world away from home and family… the troops defending our freedom around the world ache for the sound of a loved one’s voice. That’s why the USO – through Operation Phone Home®, buy and hand out thousands of pre-paid phone cards to our men and women in uniform.

For our soldiers at the Front, there’s no magic like the music of your child’s voice on a Holiday morning… no warmth like the familiar sound of “Happy Birthday” sung by your parents or siblings… and no relief as complete as the chance to chat with a friend when you’re really down.

Your $15 donation provides a GI in Iraq with 45 minutes of prepaid calls to the US. A $20 donation buys 60 prepaid minutes. A $100 donation: 300 minutes. Check it out here. Thanks for your support!

As Carol pointed out, check this out too!

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