Superpoints: Where To Get Free Gift Cards

Search “ways to make money” on the internet and chances are you’ll end up with a bunch of spam which is why I try and sift through the garbage to bring you real deals which is why I like Superpoints. They are a place where you earn points for completing tasks and then you get rewards for points.  It’s a great way to get stuff free and you don’t have to do a lot to get the points and rewards.  Here’s how to earn at Superpoints:

    • Sign up with them. It’s an invite-only thing so you need to go through my Superpoints link.
    • Once in start hitting the “Super Lucky button”. It seems silly but it’s easy to do while watching tv or whatever and can earn you points.
    • Watch videos.
  • If you like you can complete offers but I wouldn’t recommend it. Those cost ya! This is supposed to be money-making! LOL!

Hope that helps! For more ways to make money check out the Mummy Deals Making Money Category.

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