Superhero Capes Half Off

Kids love dressing up and what better than to dress up as a super hero? How about getting a sweet deal on them?! With today’s Mamapedia Sweet Deal: you can boost his confidence with magical attire that won’t cost you pounds of kryptonite. For just $8, you’ll get $16 worth of merchandise from Power Capes. Mamapedia is a deal of the day site similar to Groupon where they feature just one deal a day or every few days. What I love about Mamapedia is that the deals go on for a few days so it gives you time to grab it. This one doesn’t end until 1/18/11.

Every child has an inner superhero just waiting to be unleashed. As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your little one is to encourage even the most outlandish, high-flying fantasies.

Grab your Mamapedia deal before it expires at the end of 1/19/11.

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