Super Shopping Week

I’m not sure if it was because there were so many great deals everywhere or whether I was just in the mood to shop but regardless of the reason, I hit the shops up. I was so proud of all my good deals that I even bought myself a new jumper for autumn. (Translation – new sweater for fall!) Anyway, on with the bargains:

Trip 1 – Target.
2 shirts
Huggies wipes
4 x Kashi cereal
Burger buns
Huggies body wash
TOTAL = $13.63
TOTAL Out of Pocket = $7.63
Trip 2 – Walgreens
2 x Speed Stick
2 x Chex Mix
6 x Robitussin
3 x Pens
16 x notepads
TOTAL = $53
TOTAL OOP = $0. Credit of $3
Trip 3 – Walgreens
Pro-Health mouthwash
Loo roll
Cookie crisp
TOTAL – $29.66
TOTAL OOP – $21.17
Trip 4 – All over! By this point I was on a roll and realized that I could get as many mouthwashes as I wanted so on my way to Target for my fave cereal, I hit up 4 Walgreens! They’re all over I tell ya!

Circuit City
Pen drive
TOTAL OOP = $2.67 as I had a gift card from them due to their error last year

8 x Kashi

4 x cute tshirts as gifts
TOTAL – $4.24
TOTAL OOP – $3.60

11 x ProHealth
TOTAL = $49.39
TOTAL OOP – $0. 11 cents credit

When I did this in one store the girl checking me out actually applauded me! It’s great coz mouthwash is never free and now I’m stocked up.

6 x South beach bars
2 x Nestle chocolate
2 x Coffee Mate
2 x Walgreens formula
2 x juice
Diaper bags
TOTAL – $57
TOTAL OOP – $25.50

Trip 5 – CVS
2 x corn nuts
2 x Chex Mix
L’Oreal moisturizer
6 x flip flops for Samaritan’s purse at 90% off
2 x deodorant
TOTAL – $16.50
TOTAL OOP – $4.50

GRAND TOTAL – $265.42
My TOTAL – $65.96

You wanna go shopping with me?? HAHAH!


  1. Mom to Eliana says:

    You are awesome!!! Thanks for all your help.

  2. You are an inspiration to “fruglites” everywhere!!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. mylittleducks5 says:

    do you know that one subdivision sale that has the guy with the garage FULL of new things? I am sure he does what you do. Anyways I thought you might consider it for yourself. You can only use so much mouthwash and stuff??? 🙂

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