Super Shopping Trip

This week I had a FAB shopping trip that I thought I’d share. As I don’t normally have time to arrange groceries and take piccies, enjoy!
I did a couple of fab things:

  1. Grabbed 10 coupons of Ronzoni Healthy Garden $1 off and waited for them to go on sale somewhere for around a buck! Voila, hello Meijer!
  2. Scored big on meat and grabbed a bunch! I budget under $2 # and haven’t been seeing much for that recently. This week Meijer has BS chix breast, ground chuck, and pork loin under $2. S-weet!
  3. Used my Sweet Baby Ray’s Marinade coupons to get that for FREE!

Yeehaw I saved more than I spent!
Time taken to work it out and gather coupons: 1/2 an hour max
Time at the store with baby in tow: Less than an hour
Success-meter: A++++++++++. I saved $37 in 1.5 hours worth of shopping. That’s a decent hourly wage for this SAHM! No crazy couponing here peeps! 😉

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