Super Easy Turkey Cake Pops

easy turkey cake pops

You can hunt around the web for a way more involved tueky cake pop if you like but if you’re like me and busy this time of year then these Super Easy Turkey Cake Pops are a fun treat that won’t take you long. All you need is some cake balls, candy corn, googly eyes and cake pop sticks. Before you buy a cake pop maker or freak out that they’re too hard to do, let me set your mind at rest: they are super simple and can be frozen. In fact I love it when I freeze them and then just take them out as needed to candy coat them. My basic recipe is here: How to Make Cake Pops and then you just dress them up for easy turkey cake pops.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Pops


  • Cake pop recipe:
  • Chocolate Candy melts or chocolate
  • Strawberries cut into small slices
  • Sticks (or ditch them like we did!)


  1. Make your cake balls using the recipe above and freeze for 20 minutes or more to make them easier to handle.
  2. Melt the candy disks or chocolate and get ready.
  3. Remove the cake balls, put on a stick and dip in chocolate.
  4. Place in a holder and add a small piece of strawberry to each one before it hardens.
  5. Place in a cake pop stand for them to set for about 10 minutes before serving.

easy turkey cake pops

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