Summer of Swag: Make Easy Amazon Money!

Sadly my Blogger account was down all Monday morning and just kicked in alte afternoon which meant I miss the chance to debut the Summer of Swag! My buddies SwagBucks have got some really big stuff that will be debuting this summer starting today. They’re highlighting a different bill every day – BIG bills, too. As an added bonus, every day the featured bill will be awarded to every 7th win on Swagbucks!

Get this, I already won 25 Swagbucks in just a couple of searches today! So what do those SwagBucks mean?

SwagBucks is an online search engine that keeps sending me gift cards for Amazon, Target and Starbucks. Today is my fave day online as it means that the more I search online (I search a lot!) the more likely I am to make SwagBucks.

If you’re not signed up yet, go HERE and enter code SUMMEROFSWAG to get 20 SwagBucks to get you started!

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