Strack & Van Til Freezer Deal 2013


What is Strack & Van Til Freezer Deal 2013?

According to the Strack & Van Til Facebook page the Strack & Van Til Freezer Deal 2013 is here! That means buy a freezer for $149.99 and get some awesome coupons from there that basically help the freezer pay for itself. jewel and Ultra both do this annually and if you don’t have a deep freeze it’s well worth it. Freezers are a HUGE part of saving money on groceries!


  1. Is this still going and do all stracks/ultra participate? And do you know if it is a chest or upright freezer?


  1. […] week I posted about the Strack & Van Til freezer deal adn as so many have asked about the Ultra Freezer Deal I thought I’d post something […]

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