How to Store Wooden Puzzles The Cheapest Way

Store Wooden Puzzle

If your wooden puzzles are a huge mess than this article on how to store wooden puzzles should help!

Chase loves his puzzles but unlike his big brother’s his won’t go in a drawer too well. They’re not neat or compact and were spilling all over the place and creating a mess. So I looked on Amazon for a solution. While I LOVE Melissa & Doug products their “solution” was pretty pricey and I knew I could do better so we went to the Mother Ship.

Girls, don’t lie. You know exactly where I mean.

The kids and I wandered the aisles looking for puzzles storage and we found it. And it was pricey. Again.

I headed to the organization aisle and what did I find? Anyone? Anyone guess what crazy solution I came up with? Yes a dish drainer similar to the one in the pictures.

If you don’t want to leave your house or take a trip to the store, Amazon has tons of options with free shipping. Just make sure you get a sturdy one!


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