Stocking Up on Cheap School Supplies

Places vieing ( a word???!) for your business, tons of stores offering you ridiculous deals. The is the time of year to shop around a little and get some amazing deals on school supplies.

* This year CVS has started giving away school supplies. I say giving away because they’ve got tons of stuff for FREE. As time goes on (if last year is a good indication) Walgreens will follow suite.

* Last year Office Depot and Office Max slashed prices to crazy deals like $.01 rulers and $.05 glue Align Leftsticks.

* All these stores have limits on them per customer but I’ve found that not only do kids count as customers but adorable looking babies do too! Especially ones who can hand the cashier the money!

* Staples is no different and sometimes they’ll do mail in rebates to get you more freebies. There rebates are so easy they’ve even called them Easy Rebates! For instance this week was an 8 pack of pencils for $.01 with a limit of 2. This is what Stacy told me, “My husband is a teacher. We found out that if you get a staples teacher reward card you can purchase 25 of whatever their special is that week. So, we got 200 pencils for $.25. We did this all summer last year. We had paper, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, glue, scissors, etc. After my husband took what he wanted for his classroom and I supplied our 4 children with their school supplies, I donated a load of stuff to the elementary school for children in need. So all you teachers, this is a great way to get cheap supplies for your room!!” Thanks, Stacy!

Although we do not have a child in school I love getting these free or cheap school supplies and donating them. I pack them in boxes called operation Christmas Child that sends them all over the world to kids in need. More on this great program to come.

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