How To Have a Star Wars Birthday Party For Under $75

How To Have a Star Wars Birthday Party For Under $75

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Isaac is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy into Star Wars so when he turned 5 we decided to have a Star Wars birthday party for him. We do a themed kid party every year in our house as I have fond memories of my parents doing the same for us. But, we do it on a budget! I take to Pinterest for inspiration and end up getting all crafty and themey (is that a word?!) We start 2 weeks out with stuff and my kids love it. This Star Wars birthday party was no different and the kids who came had a blast. Having 15 little boys running around with Light Saber Pool Noodles was a little crazy but it sure was fun!

How to Party on a Budget

I wrote a post on how to do budget birthdays but a couple of tricks:

  1. Do it at home
  2. Make it yourself
  3. Hit the dollar store.
  4. Don’t send invites, send evites or emails to cut costs.
  5. Send thank you cards but not cards! Take a picture of each child with the birthday child, print at Walgreens and mail that!  More info.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party Food

No party is complete without food and all of ours was Star Wars themed. I made these little food cards to attach to whatever you’re making so you can use them too! Just head to print Star Wars here and print them!

The menu:

Hans Burgers.

I like making pizza burgers for kid’s parties. They’re cheap and easy! Simply grab a couple of jars of spaghetti sauce and add to it a couple of pounds of Italian sausage. Spread it on hamburger buns and add a piece of sliced cheese to each one. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes.

Ewok Snacks

Just a bowl filled with munchies to go with the burgers!


I got some guacamole and made it into the shape of Yoda.  His eyes are olives.

Princess Leia Buns

Honeybun donuts lend themselves to looking like Princess Leia’s buns so we put some out on the table!

Death Star Donuts

Realizing we had a lot of dessert we simply added to it with munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts….

Light Sabers

….And added to it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take pretzel rods, break them in half and coat some in red chocolate and some in green. Can be done way before the party!

Wookie Cookies

Simple chocolate chip cookies decorated with white icing for Chewie’s mouth.

Light Saber Vegetables

Get some carrots and celery and after cutting into small pieces wrap the ends in foil. Use this homemade Italian Dip and serve.

Stormtrooper Cheese Ball

Stormtrooper Cheese Ball

One of my favorite things to take to a party is a chocolate chip cream cheese ball and as it’s white I turned it into a Stormtrooper Cheese Ball with some oreos!

Star wars Birthday Cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake

I searched Pinterest high and low for an easy Star Wars Birthday Cake but in the end we opted for this Darth Vadar one. Someone lent us the Wilton Pan and we just made a simple box cake. Once cooked I removed it from the pan after cooling, warpped in saran and placed in the freezer for a day. Then I removed it and handed Tim the black icing and he promptly created the masterpiece. The mini marshmallows were finishing touches and really made it look like Darth Vadar’s head!

Star Wars Birthday Party Games

Upon arrival the children were greeted with the sign, “Jedi Training Zone” on the front door and we themed it all around that.

Light Saber Pool Noodles

Of course we had to make these light sabers but finding pool noodles in Chicagoland in February was tricky so make sure you plan ahead if you’re doing that!

Once we had light sabers we had the kids head outside for an obstacle course for Jedi Training. Then onto the real action……

Star Wars Birthday Party

Use the Force

We then had them try and keep balloons up in the air by using the force.


Round it out with some Star Wars tattoos and the kids just wanted to have fun…

Star Wars Birthday Party 8

Other Ideas

Dressing Up

Star Wars Birthday Party

 We love dressing up for these things and my in-laws are amazing sports!  Isn’t this a cool picture of them?!

Princess Leia Costume

Star Wars Birthday Party 6

This is a hard one to pull off until my sister in law told me she’d seen on Pinterest that you can simply wear a white bathrobe backwards and it worked! Yay Aimee!

How To Have a Star Wars Birthday Party 2

Light Saber Napkins.

It took time but it was very inepensive to create Light Saber napkins out of red and green napkins from the dollar store and a small strip of black card.’



My parents live in England but don’t want to miss any of the fun. Every birthday party we skype them in and our guests love chatting with them. England is 6 hours ahead and they’re troopers who stay up super late to enjoy their Grandkids!

Star Wars Birthday Party favors


One way I cut down on costs is not giving party favors. It may not win me any prizes with the kids but I’ve had plenty of parents thank me for not handing them a “goody bag” full of trinkets they end up pitching quickly.  This year though I decided to first hand each child an Jedi Training Certificate for them to keep and then a Stormtrooper Marshmallow Pop.  Print a FREE Jedi Training Certificate here for your party!

Star Wars Birthday Party

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  1. I can not believe how fun you made this birthday! Yoda soda and Wookie Cookies are the best. You are so talented!! And cheap too – amazing.

  2. These are some great ideas. I know my grandkids would love a Star Wars birthday party like this.

  3. How fun!! Love all the snack ideas!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love, love, love this! My favorite is the the Stormtrooper Marshmallow pops, I think I’m going to make those this week just for fun. We are all huge Star Wars fans and my sons would love this! Thanks for sharing so many cool ideas.

  5. Wow, great ideas and that’s pretty affordable!!! So cute!!

  6. Wow, those are all really awesome ideas! I love how inexpensive the party can be, you always see people spending a ton when they don’t really need to!

  7. What cute ideas & it looks like everyone had a great time!

  8. Love all these ideas!!!! 😀 Your parties look so fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. what a perfect Star Wars party. You truly thought of everything and it all turned out wonderful. Great ideas!

  10. Such a cute party idea. I prefer DIY creative party ideas anyday

  11. Omg you are a rock star. The force is with you. Love.

  12. You did such a great job on this birthday party! I know a few little boys who would really love this and it looks like you can do this on a budget. Thank you for sharing this it looks like you guys had a great time

  13. You are so creative! Love the marshmallows, looks like an awesome party!

  14. What a fantastic party! It looks like everyone had fun.

  15. Tons of great ideas, but loved the storm trooper marshmallow pops the best! Great idea!!!

  16. LOVE the printable food signs.
    Any chance you can make one for “Jabba the Hutt Dogs” or “Bobba Fet-Salad”?
    Awesome job – what a lucky kid!

  17. Kelly Eichholz says:

    I love your star wars food cards. How did you create that? I am having a star wars party this weekend for my son. Is there anyway to change the text & allow me to print? I tried making some myself, but they do not look nearly as cool as yours!!! Forever grateful,

    • Hi Kelly, the cards should be linked into this post for you directly to print! have a great party, Clair

  18. Hi Clair,
    I am interested just in the food cards. Is it possible just to purchase those?

  19. Our party favors were the light Saber pool noodles or one of the dollar store water guns. We had ours at the park and we made names for the training lab items at the park.

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