Staples: FREE Duracell Batteries After Staples Rewards

Last year Staples ran a crazy deal and it looks like they’re doing it again. From Black Friday until the end of the year you could get two packs of Duracell batteries FREE per week after Staples Rewards Here’s the rumor:

FREE Duracell Batteries (AA/AAA) 20 Packs free after rewards starting the week of 11/28. It may be first offered on Black Friday 11/26.

Last year the batteries were $12.99 each.

Words to the wise:

  • You need a Staples Rewards card to buy these. It’s a free loyalty card and then when you purchase them it will add up the amount you’re due to get back. At the end of the year they’ll add up the amount and send it back to you in a Staples credit. You’ll have about 3 months to redeem it.
  • While free batteries sound fabulous, watch how many you get unless you’re planning a big purchase there. I stick to around $50 to get back there otherwise you end up with a whopping amount of credit that you have to use.
  • Having said that, hopefully within that time frame there will be more freebies you can scoop up and effectively “roll it”.
  • Finally, do not use any type of rewards check or coupon on this deal! It may void your rewards.

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