Staples: 40 Duracell Batteries for FREE and 10% off

Oh yay for FREE batteries! These are available online here or instore. Plus, use this 10% off coupon here to make money on the deal! You should end up paying $9 out of pocket + tax and getting $9.99 back. Woot woot! They pay tax!

Duracell batteries 20 pack $9.99
Money will be credited to Staples Rewards account (instore credit)
Final Price: free
Limit 2

HammerMill CopyPolus paper 500-sheet $6.49
Receive $5.49 in Easy Rebate (this is money back)
Final Price: $1
Limit 2

If you do it online: To get free shipping you need to spend more than $50 so you’ve got to add a couple of things to your cart that you need. They’ve also got some great deals on other items so hopefully that isn’t hard. Anyway, add the items then check out and get free shipping.

How will I get my money back? Although you’ll pay out of pocket when you add your Staples Rewards Card number in, that’s how you get it back. It will come back in Staples money next quarter when you can either spend it on stuff you need or potentially roll it. You have 3 months to spend the check.

Wanna Get More Money off?

  • Go to here.
  • Immediately they’ll add a $5 credit to your account for signing up through me. As you only need $20 to “cash out” you’re well on your way.
  • Search for ‘Staples’
  • Now you know they are going to give you 3% of your purchase back, even if it’s free!
  • You will then be redirected to the Staples site

So, buy all the hot deals you can using

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