Spring Fashion Ideas For Moms 2014


Spring Fashion Ideas For Moms

Gordman’s just opened locally in Schererville, IN this week and to celebrate this is a post about Spring Fashion Ideas For Moms.

I’ve been blogging for 5 years now and just recently I got my dream job assignment: go visit a store and write a story about how much I could get there for $50. I’m a frugal girl and I knew I could get a rockin’ outfit but could I get accessories to go with it? I hoped so!

I chose the above dress for $19.99, necklace for $12.99, earrings for $6.99 and still had some money leftover to stroll into their AWESOME kid’s book aisle where I grabbed 3 books for my kids for around $2.50 each!

The Gordman’s store is HUGE and many Moms were in their with strollers which made it more convenient. They’ve got a beutiful home decor section, lots of kid’s clothes, men’s, women’s, some food items and even a toy section. Be prepared to spend a while there.

Here are some Spring Fashion Ideas For Moms to get ya thinking Spring!


Pastels are in this spring as they normally are but this year coral pink and coral blue are hot colors so the minute I saw this dress I grabbed it and crossed my fingers that it would work. It covers all the non-flattering Mom bits (ie the muffin top given to us by kids!) and looks cute and flirty. It’s perfect for a date night with the Hubs who already decided he liked it.

Spring Fashion Ideas For Moms 2014

Chunky Necklaces

I’ve been hankering after a huge necklace for a while and Gordman’s had a huge selection ranging around $10. The one I chose was $12.99

Pretty, Long Earrings

Big earrings rock but this Spring it’s time to get some delicate yet long ones like these I found. Only $6.99 for a 3 pack so I can rotate between blue, pink and cream.

A Striped Shirt Or Two

Listen up girls: Striped shirts rock because they hide a TON! They’re super flattering and very fashionable. I scooped this one for $8.99.

Spring Fashion Ideas For Moms


I don’t like to see it when everything is matchy-matchy! Instead get out the bright colors and try them together. Last year my dear friend talked me into lime skinny jeans with a hot pink tshirt and I haven’t look back. Everyone will be so busy noticing your hot colors that they won’t notice all the “mom bumps.BONUS!

Cowboy Boots

I swear I’d wear my cowboy boots to bed if Hubs let me! Seriously I love wearing them with skirts as they just make me feel very feminine.

Colored Jeans

I swore I’d never do it and now I own lime green ones, pink, and royal blue colored jeans and I LOVE them. They’re fun to wear and make me feel confident. Couple them with a great pair of flats and you’re good for playdates, date nights or a run to the grocery store!

Mint Nail Polish

I am IN LOVE with this Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color, Mint Sorbet nail polish and even though it’s cold here it’s making me think Spring!

What’s your go-to fashion accessory?


  1. I love your outfits, especially the first one. So cute!

  2. You are so adorable, Clair! Thanks for the great ideas!

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