$7 Won’t Get a Book to England BUT It Will Save a Child


Operation Christmas Child is very near and dear to my heart and to some readers too. Every year we have a BIG packing party that involves my family, friends, local church groups and YOU and this year is no different.  This is our Operation Christmas Child 2013 Packing Party and how you as a family can sponsor a box.

Recently I went to the post office and shipped a book to my Mum. In England. It got there in 5 days, arrived via plane and yet I paid $9 for postage and it wasn’t a huge book. Operation Christmas Child asks a mere $7 per box to take that shoebox filled with goodies half way around the world. Sometimes it takes off on a truck within the US, flies to another country and gets on a boat. After the boat it’s taken by truck to a remote village and delivered to a kid living on the top of a slum.

$7 is not much to many of us in America and yet everything to a child in a third world country.

As a family this year would you consider donating $7 or $7 per member in your household? Skip a couple of coffees this week and help a child get a box of hope!

How to Donate

1) Come to the packing party with cash or a check to Samaritan’s Purse or
2) Donate online. Head to Follow Your Box and donate money. Then send me the shipping labels via email. At the party we’ll attach them to the boxes we pack and you helped sponsor a box!

This year the Mummy Deals Shoebox Goal is 1000 boxes.

That’s 1000 children with nothing.

1000 hearts we can touch and parents we can help.

1000 people we can share the true meaning of Christmas with: Jesus Christ.

1000 people in very poor living conditions.

Packing Party Details.

Our packing party is Monday November 11 2013 at the South Shore Visitor’s Center in Hammond, Indiana and we need all the goodies by then.  Please RSVP to the party here.  It’s from 6-8pm and we’d love you all to come out, bring your family or your cub scouts or your brownie troops and help us pack 1000 boxes.  it’s a great way to teach your kids about giving especially in this age of materialism and I find they love it and get super involved.  Plus, the South Shore CVA will have their annual Christmas Story exhibit up and running for you to enjoy.

Would you consider partnering with me for people like Sebastian who I met in Ecuador?

2013 Needs

  • Toys
  • $7 shipping per box

As family would you consider sponsoring a box or 2? These balls are just 25 cents at Old Navy and PERFECT! Would your family donate 10, 20 or even 100? Thank YOU!


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