7 Soda Pop Cupcakes

Soda Pop Cupcakes

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Why Soda Pop Cupcakes?

For Father’s Day 2012 I made Soda Pop Cupcakes. For us Father’s Day means a few things around here: grilling, treats and soda pop cupcakes! In honor of my awesome Husband, amazing Dad, and my fab Father in law, I present to you……………………Soda Pop Cupcakes. Pop, get it? As in father, daddy? Yeah it was my Sister-In-Law’s idea and we chuckled together so please excuse us if you’re not amused! Here, in all it’s glory is the whole series for you. Click on the links to go to the Soda Pop Cupcake recipes.

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Cherry Coke Cupcakes were a little tricky to make them taste like cherry coke but I think I cracked it in the end!

Coca Cola Cupcakes

Coca Cola is a classic and these Coca Cola Cupcakes reflect that: elegant, classy and yummy.

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

If you want a good looking cupcake, the Root Ber Float cupcakes are fun because they really “puff” up while cooking and have a great texture.


Red Velvet Dr Pepper Cupcakes – The Dr. Pepper in the icing adds a light brown tint to the icing so it looks great with chocolate candies.


These Mountain Dew cupcakes have just the right amount of lemon and lime to be tangy without being overbearing.


Green River soda is very popular in the Midwest so I created a Green River Cupcake to go with the yummy soda.

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes are probably the most pinned cupcake recipe and don’t they look dreamy?!

Caramel Frappuccino Cupcakes

I know they’re not a pop but these Caramel Frappuccino Cupcakes are di-vine and perfect for Starbucks fans.

Soda Pop Cupcakes Review

I LOVED the look of the Root Beer Cupcakes but wish they’d have tasted a little stronger. Now the Cherry Coke cupcakes on the other hand tasted and looked great. The Coca Cola Cupcakes are a classic, the Green River Cupcakes were made in honor of my MIL who loves Green River Soda but hands down the Mountain Dew Cupcakes stole my heart!

How to Freeze Soda Pop Cupcakes

Soda Pop Cupcakes freeze really well simply in a freezer ziploc labelled. I made a TON of frosting for each and froze it in a freezer ziploc bag for another day.

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