SNEAK PEEK: Meijer Deals 9/13 – 9/19/09 – Wanna Make a Little Money This Week?

Here’s your sneak peek of the ad before the newspaper! I do this each week so stop back for more goodies! * Please note the deals vary by region and I’m in no double coupon land!

There are some ammmmmmmmmmazing deals going on this week!! Here’s a dinner idea for well under $3:

Ronzoni pasta – $.49
Ragu sauce – $.89
Salad – Around $1
Dressing – Free
Bread – Buy with overage from Ken’s dressing!
TOTAL: $2.38/4 people!

Ken’s or wishbone dressings $.99
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here
Stack with $1 off and $2 off coupons from SS 8/2/09
Final Price: FREE plus overage of $2.02!!! Moneymaker!

Campbells soups $.59
Buy 2 cooking soups and use $1/2 here
Final Price: $.18/2

Ragu $1.39
Buy 2 and use $1/2 from 8/2/09 RP
Final Price: $1.78/2

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta $.99
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here and here
Final Price: $.98/2

Aunt Jemima pancake mix $1.49
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here
Stack with $1.50/2 here
Final Price: $.48/2

Quaker Oats $1.49
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here
Stack with $1.25/2 from RP 8/30/09
Final Price: $.73/2

Weight Watchers Smart Ones $1.99
Buy 5 and take $1 off here
Final Price: $8.95/5

Kelloggs cereal $1.99
Buy 5 and get 1 gallon free milk

DelMonte Fruit Cups $1.99
Buy 3 and use $1/3 here
Final Price: $4.97/3

Coffee-Mate $2.49
Use $1 off here
Final Price: $1.49

Dannon yogurt $.49
Buy 6 and use $.60/6 from SS 8/16/09
Final Price: $2.34/6

Buy 5 of select kraft products get $5 off instantly at the register.
5 x Kraft Cheese singles at $2 each
Use this x 2 to take off $2
Receive $5 off
Final Price: $3/5

Maxwell House coffee $5.69
Buy 2 and GET FREE 6-pk Bounty rolls
Final Price: $11.38 for 2 x coffee and paper towels

Mott’s applesauce $1.69
Use $1/2 here
Stack with $.50 off cups here or $1 off here
Final Price: $1.38/2 cups if your store doubles coupons or you use $1 off one, $1.88 if not

Other Deals
Boneless chuckeye steak or roast $1.99#
fresh chicken leg quarters $.79#
Tyson BS chicken $1.99#
Pork western style ribs $.99#
3# apples $1.49
Peaches/necatrines $.99#
Heinz Nature’s Goodness baby food 3/$.99. Time to stock up

New to Meijer? Check out my 411 here.
*Please remember that on all these deals, although they want you to buy the whole amount, you still get the deal even if you buy one. For example cheese at 10/$10 is only $1 if you buy only one.
* If you spot another deal, please let us all know!

To obtain coupons, you can check out my coupon bar here and don’t forget I’ve got new coupons here from Red Plum, yeeeehaw!

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  1. Heads up, Meijer has changed something in their computer system and it is causing havoc! You probably won't get overage and if you try to use the MealBox with the items that are already free, it isn't going to come off automatically, only if the cashier was to push it or something. I had HUGE problems last week, items that were B1G1 or B2G1 and I used coupons for that set of items the full amount wasn't coming off for the free item or I wasn't getting the free item. If the Mealbox made it free after coupons, it didn't get taken off. CAREFUL, watch your totals!

  2. I love the helpful information I get from your blog. Thanks!

    Planning on buying Ken's dressings…do you know if I'll have any problems using coupons that are over the price of the dressing? I have $1/2 manufacturer's q as well as Meijer's $1/2 coupon…meaning I have 2/$2 coupon for 2/$1.98 item… a little worried…

  3. Lauren, i'm sorry you had those problems, but i'm kinda glad, because i did too!! but nobody else i've talked to, has — i thought i was losing my mind!

    When I questioned why the q's weren't working, the cashier said the policy is now "one coupon per item". while the bottom front page of their ad does say that, it's under a heading that specifically refers to their doubling policy.

    i do think they still have great deals often, and certainly better than other stores in my area, but i'd just like to figure out how to get them all go to, as long as their policy allows it.. maybe put the mealboxes thru first??

  4. When I use the mealbox coupons I always give them to them last. I have them do the manufactures coupons first then I do the mealbox since with those the computer adujsts the price of the item and if it ends up being free then my manufacture coupons don't work. I've never had any problems with overages this way. Just thought I'd share, I hope it works for others this way.


  5. Pam (meanestmother) says:

    My Meijers also does not give overage. Their computer will adjust automatically. I also want the information on the Aunt Jemima. You have two coupons that you are to use. One is the Mealbox. What is the other???

  6. Pam (meanestmother) says:

    What coupon in the Mealbox are you using on the Kraft Cheese. The natural coupon will not work on the Kraft singles.

  7. I wouldn't be afraid to try a coupon even if the value is over the cost of the items… the worst they can do is tell you they won't do it. Then you can decide if you want the product for that price or not. Don't be afraid to tell them you don't want something if they won't take a coupon!! Stand up for yourself that way! 🙂

  8. reikifeet – I was thinking I was the only person too. I asked outright on and surprisingly enough a lot of people have had similar issues! It helps to at least here it isn't an isolated case – the manager tried to tell me on the Saturday evening that they had a busy day, people checking their receipts after they went through and NO ONE had complained about coupons all day. Seemed unlikely, or at least unlikely that there is a lot of use of the MealBox coupons! Seriously, I've had people at customer service look at them funny when I give them one to show the problem I had!

    If you're had problems with the coupons, or them not taking them, MealBox Qs not working, etc, I would seriously suggest sending an email. A lot of emails from different individuals they might do something about it!

  9. The meijer coupon for the cheese slices in in their back to school booklet. Try the front of the store, our store had piles and the last page as Meijer coupons – cheese, Jammers and more.

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