Slow Cooker Mondays: Enchilada Pie

For a while now it’s been Slow Cooker Monday at our house as Mondays are work days and if nothing goes in the pot early on, then nobody is eating anything more than cereal at 5pm. So to help you out with new recipes each week I’ll be featuring a new recipe and other bloggers are invited to link up so we can get a bunch of new options for all of us.

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This week is a little different in that I haven’t yet tried this recipe! It’s what’s going in my pot today so who’s joining me?! We love love enchilada pie and what’s easier than a slow cooker?

1# ground turkey or beef
8 corn tortillas
Packet of taco mix
2 cups of shredded cheese
Can of pinto beans
Can of enchilada sauce

Optional Ingredients
Add something spicy like jalapenos or salsa.
Serve with sour cream, fideo, lettuce and tomatoes.


  1. Brown the meat and add taco mix.
  2. Add 1 cup of water and simmer.
  3. (optional) add foil into your pot so that the foil comes over the side and will make it easier for you to lift the pie out if desired.
  4. Spray the pot or the foil.
  5. Start adding layers. Place some meat mix, pinto beans, cheese and enchilada sauce then a tortilla.
  6. Repeat until all your tortillas are used up.
  7. Cook on low for 5 hours.

So, it’s Slow Cooker Monday: What’s In Your Pot?

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  1. This looks fab, I love the slow cooker to make things easy. I bet your house smelled delish this day 🙂

  2. MMMM that sounds like a delicious recipe!! I would love to make that this week!

  3. You had me at Enchilada! I have a similar recipe but yours has less fuss!
    I’m adding this to the winter recipe book!
    MUAH! Thank you!!!

  4. I love my slowcooker – never thought about making enchilada pie in it – won’t my hubby be pleasantly surprised!

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