Slow Cooker Hot German Potato Salad Recipe

Crock Pot German Potato Salad

If you don’t like potato salad you’ll probably like this Slow Cooker Hot German Potato Salad Recipe! Sick of the mayo and cold potato salad?! I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan and so recently I made this new slow cooker recipe and tried it out on my friends. Yup, it’s fun to have guinea pigs! Guess what my friend Lynda said,

“I don’t like regular potato salad but this is great!

Yup – another reason we’re friends! (As in we share the same interests not that she compliments my cooking!)

If you’re headed to a potluck bbq or outside event this is a great crock pot hot German potato salad to bring with you and as it doesn’t need to be served piping hot, you don’t need to take your slow cooker with.

I have two crock pots and so if I was making it for a weeknight I’d probably make this in the smaller one and something like Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken legs in the other one.

How to make Slow Cooker Hot German Potato Salad Recipe


Crock pot German Potato Salad

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You could also have another crock pot going and serve with Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Legs.

Crock pot BBQ Chicken Legs

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