Simplify: The “One Touch” Rule For Mail

The mail comes in and most of us get a stack a day. It’s hard to sort it on the spot and is way easier to open and stash. The problem with that method is it’s cluttering. Cluttering is what we’re trying to avoid. Which is why the One Touch Rule For Mail exists.

  1. Designate one place for mail.
  2. If it comes when you’re running out or don’t have time place it on a table for later.
  3. Once you have a minute open each piece and sort into 3 piles: Bills, Junk, Freebies. Most days I get a FREE sample I’ve signed up for, a coupon for a free product or another fun piece of mail. Most of the samples come with coupons so I place the item on one side and put the coupon in my coupon pile.
  4. Move the bills to wherever they get paid, the junk to the recycle bin and the rest to it’s new home.

Ooooo, baby, de-cluttering feels good!

Homework: Designate a new ‘one stop spot’ for mail to sort it and commit to only touching it once with the exception of bills.


  1. Can we add the bills to the recycle bin too? Just kidding, it was a nice thought while it lasted. I think many of us are guilty of the mail clutter! I know we sometimes are here too. My bigger problem tho is setting cool things to check out aside for later. It sometimes gets lost under other stuff.
    You have a nice blog and I love the crafts you posted here! Great work on them. I am not good at sewing personally, I will have to practice.

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